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      Painterly expressions of women's emancipation using article 32 and 33 of the Uganda Constitution [1]
      Painterly inspiration from second hand shoe business in Owino Market Kampala Uganda [1]
      Painting performance and its effects at MTSIFA [1]
      Paintings and sculptures from Mary Stuart Hall in the past 20 years in Makerere University. [1]
      Patterning weaving deriving design from a Zebra creating hand woven fabrics and accessories for home decorations. [1]
      The perception in communication design towards abstract art at Margaret Trowl School of Industrial and Fine Arts in Makerere Univeraity [1]
      The performance in Jewelry making in and around Kampala city by former Bachelor of Industrial and fine arts (BIFA) students. [1]
      Personal Adoration of Jewelry by the Students [1]
      Photography as a means of visual learning and information at Margret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts. [1]
      Photography at Margret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts. [1]
      Pimping-up for fashion shows and functions: women’s hairstyles at Mystique Beauty Salon. [1]
      Poor computer graphic designing skills among Art and design students at MTSIFA in Makerere University with reference to other higher learning tertiary institutions. [1]
      Poor performance in communication design among year one students of 2016/2017 semester one. [1]
      Popularisastion of the use of provided design machines at MTSIFA [1]
      Popularisation of the use of recycable materials in the jewelry making industry Kampala [1]
      Portraying women empowerment using the woodcut printmaking technique [1]
      The positive and negative effects caused by artworks displayed in homes in Mirembe Villas in Entebbe District. [1]
      The potential of fashion design as a character branding channel in the Ugandan music industry [1]
      Poultry farming as an inspiration to monumental sculpture [1]
      The practical approach towards the improvisation of oil painting materials among 1st year students 2018/2019. [1]