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      Factors affecting creativity in drawing at Margaret trowell school of industrial and fine arts, Makerere university, Kampala Uganda [1]
      The factors affecting rendering oil painting at MTSIFA [1]
      Factors affecting students' performance in drawing special at Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Art. [1]
      Factors affecting the growth of Ceramic Art Sculpture in Uganda; a case study of Kajjansi, Wakiso. [1]
      Factors affecting the quality of oil painting in the Department of Fine Art at Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Art [1]
      Factors affecting the quality of research done by students at MTSIFA [1]
      Factors affecting the quality of work produced by photography students at the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts (MTSIFA) [1]
      Factors affecting the teaching and learning of Fine Art in Old Kampala Secondary School. [1]
      Factors influencing the consumer choice of arts and crafts products in Uganda : a case study the Buganda road African village. [1]
      Factors influencing the market of art works in Uganda: a case of the Buganda Road African Village. [1]
      The Factors That Affect The number of Art Exhibitions In Galleries Around Kampala. [1]
      The factors that affect the number of art exhibitions in galleries around Kampala. [1]
      Factors that influence the prices of paintings in Uganda, case study on the galleries Nommo, Africa and Makerere Art Gallery [1]
      Fashion as a tool in poverty eradication in Kampala [1]
      Fashion design as a life skill amongst youths in Kampala; a case study of youths living in and around Kampala (Kabalagala) between 2020-2022. [1]
      Fashion design practices in Iganga town: case study Assol street [1]
      Fashion design practices in Kikubampanga Trading Centre [1]
      Fashion design student's performance at Margeret Trowel School of Industrial Fine Arts. [1]
      Fashioning beaded patterns derived from a loe vera leaves to create Lugabiire footwear [1]
      Fashioning passion fruit flower to come up with a fashionable dress. [1]