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      Deriving an inspiration from a hibiscus flower to create a dinner dress [1]
      Deriving designs from Cinnamon Leaves to make Decorative plants in restaurants around Kampala. [1]
      A descriptive research on how globalization has influenced dress code of the Ganda introduction ceremonies. [1]
      Descriptive research on the jewelry craft market in kampala. [1]
      A descriptive study of the painting activities in Kampala District along Nasser road [1]
      A descriptive study of travel and tourism photography in Uganda. [1]
      A descriptive study on how people are recycling plastic waste to make crafts in Kampala [1]
      Descriptive study on the factors affecting the use of locally made ceramic products [1]
      Designing a packaging label for the soda bottle of the blind [1]
      Designing a simplified graphic poster about covid-19 for the Emmanuel church of the deaf along Sir.Apollo road [1]
      Designing posters to promoting tourism in Uganda deriving inspiration from Nyero rock paintings. [1]
      Development of contemporary sculptures by senior female lecturers at Margaret Trowell school of Industrial and Fine Arts. [1]
      Differences in creativity [1]
      Documentation of sculptures in Kampala city: A case study of selected sculpture around Kampala central business area. [1]
      Documentation of the restoration process of local Buganda architecture at the Kasubi hills in Kampala. [1]
      Dolls made with local materials [1]
      Drawing inspiration from a Belinda's Dream Rose flower to design a garment for casual wear [1]
      Drawing inspiration from banana fibers to make a textile fabric runners. [1]
      Drawing inspiration from the Mutuba tree to make printed shirts for casual wear. [1]
      Driving inspiration from unscented geranium plant to a cultural wedding crown [1]